so today i drove all the way to school for nothing. so last night former group mate sent an email asking if we can meet today. i say “yes as long as it’s after rush hour.” she replies with a meeting time of six. ahhh! so i go and i’m a bit late, of course, i live on the other side of town and i’m trying to get there at rush hour. when i get there i text her that i’m on my way to designated meeting place, which is a ten minute walk. when i get there i text her and call her to see where the group is at because i cannot find them. no reply. ahhhhhh! yes so i drove and wasted tons of gas all for nothing! i felt like punching someone, like this was a serious group meeting, how are you gonna figure something so complex out in like 15 minutes? yes, i was late, but i would not do this to another group mate. whatever, i’m just gonna work on my own, that’s always best. this group person seemed controlling anyways.